False Ceiling Designs in Chennai

These days it is rare to see a room or a building without a false ceiling. The ceiling that is developed below the main ceiling is known as a false ceiling. It is the second layer from the roof which is built using metal and wooden frame. It is also referred to as a dropped ceiling.

These false ceiling decorations are very popular in the metropolitan cities as the number of work space and apartments are built over there. Especially in Chennai, the Green Kalam Interior designers have an experience of over 20 years in the field of False ceiling designing and have come up with many unique and attractive designs.

In fact, many popular false ceiling designs in Chennai have come from the hands of green Kalam interiors.A false ceiling has plenty of advantages as it improves the natural look of the room and keeps the room cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It also hides the mesh of the electrical wires and all the other fixtures.  But the two major advantage of using false ceiling is explained below.

Improves AC performance

False ceiling cuts the height of the room which decreases the dimension of the room. This increases the performance of the Air conditioner and also helps you to save electricity. So the false ceiling for the living room is to create a good look and to make it feel good. The false ceiling for the bedrooms is to cut the height of the room and for the kitchen, there is no need for false ceiling.

Provides Insulation

Generally, the rooftops are directly exposed to the sun which provides more heat. So when the false ceiling is placed it acts as an insulator between the sun and us so that it keeps the room cooler. We provide False ceiling Contractors in Chennai for the better result in ceilings. False ceiling designs are differentiated according to the types of materials used for the design. Some types of false ceiling designs are explained below.

Plaster of Paris (POP) False Ceilings

This type of false ceiling is the common and the most used among all other types. It looks more attractive and is long lasting compared to other all types. They are the best insulators to heat and cold.

Wooden False Ceiling

These sorts of ceilings are natural and are known for providing a pleasant feel to the viewer’s eye. Generally, you can find these types of false ceilings in hotels and offices as they are costlier compared to the others. Also, these types of false ceilings are easier to fix but should have proper maintenance.

Glass False Ceiling

The glass is a hard substance as well as a non-crystalline transparent material. But with the usage of some admixtures, it can be transformed as a non-transparent material. They are good heat insulator and most preferred in hotels to give an attractive look. Cloth False Ceiling, PVC False Ceiling or PVC Ceiling Tiles, Metal Ceiling Tiles, Gypsum Board Ceilings are the other types of false ceilings which are used rarely according to the preference, need and the budget of the client.

Why Green Kalam Interior?

The experience in the field of false ceiling design makes us one of the vibrant team. We have a set of experienced people who have come out with many attractive false ceiling designs. Already we are part of many best False Ceiling Designs in Chennai. Visit us; we’ll be the tool that converts your dream into reality. “We make it simple, But Significant”.


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