• Fiber Cement Board Partition is also known as Water proof partition that separates room or cabin using GI (or) Aluminium frames followed by Fiber Cement Board.After Completion, this partition strength is very good like a cement wall.It is normally used in wet areas like residential and Industrial areas.
  • Green Kalam Interiors provides best solution for Fiber cement board partition in Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu with best quality products like Vnext-Vboard Partition and Bison board partition with best price.
  • Uses & Benefits:-
  • Easy to Install & Good Durability
  • Fire Resistance, Water Resistance, Termite Resistance, Sound Insulation, Fungus Insulation and Thermal insulation
  • Low Cost & Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to fix wooden & Glass Doors and Windows.
  • Recommended for Wet Areas like Hotels, Home and Wet Industrial area
  • Eco friendly


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