• Glass wool tiles is the best sound absorbing ceilings and wall absorber systems which is mainly manufactured from glass wool and they are amazing sound-absorbing material.
  • The main objective Ecophon’s glass wool tiles metal false ceiling is provide good working environment for eye, the ear and the mind.
  • The Variety of Ecophon Glass wool tiles are
  1. Ecophon Focus DS- It creates wide variety of ceiling designs while meeting the requirement of No.1 ACOUSTIC solutions.
  2. Ecophon Advantage- this is easy to clean and maintain and it gives mechanical strength, good acoustics and moisture resistance.
  3. Ecophon Gedina is a better choice architects and Interior design professional for excellent acoustic performance.
  4. Ecophon Sombra – It is a specialized acoustic in black surface matt finished tile used in ideal Black areas such as Cinema theatres, Home theatre, Restaurants, Nightclubs and etc.,
  5. Ecophon Free Hanging Solo- This is horizontal element and painted edges without profile hanging from ceiling via one or two metal rod ant it gives excellent environmental look to the buildings.
  6. Ecophon Master- Which is mainly used in colleges, schools class rooms, and office for noise reduction and it gives amazing sound Absorption solution for above frequency of 250Hz.
  7. Ecophon Hygiene- This material used in Industrial where hygiene is critical and this tiles can be cleaned daily and perform well even in high humidity


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