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About us

Green kalam interiors are one of the best Home Interior Designers in Chennai. We provide world-class interior designs in Chennai. We are a creative company who is passionate about interior designing. We combine the latest trends with our unique style to give the touch of classiness to any interior space. With a team having rich industry knowledge and decades of hands-on experience we stand as one of the top Interior Designers in Chennai, India.

What an Interior Designer Does?

An interior designer is normally occupied from a really initial step with a housing project from the start, possibly even operating with the architect. Our duty is to help build practical interior by assuming how the residents will utilize every room. We will think about sound, light and other design features also the fundamental concerns as well. An Interior Designer deals with the function and form of a house and works to build a pleasant atmosphere with the interior space planning and designing.

We can reconfigure a room to make it more practical. We are the central connection between the Architect and the Decorator. We can create the light fixtures and/or lighting, design and designate the hardware, colors, plumbing fixtures, and oversee the fabrication of custom furnishings, as well as manage and monitor the installation and construction of the design.

An interior decorator is not associated with the plan of the building/house or the design form of the inside space. We are centered entirely on the colors, furniture, textures, and textiles of a room. Green Kalam also offers False ceiling Decorators in Chennai to make your home better look. our job is to catch the style and personality of the homeowners and show it in their room with the art stuff.

Our interior decorator is essentially preoccupied with existing surfaces and interior finishes- they administer with enhancement and embellishment. We typically work with surface details such as wallpaper, paint, furnishings, fabrics, carpets, rugs, and lighting. We work with mood and style. We do not add any structural change of the space or move walls but will help embellish a room when no fundamental change is required.

Why hire us?

Who you are going to hire is depends on your requirements. If architectural modifications are wanted then usually a Home Interior Designers in Chennai would be the genuine choice. We can aid you to plan for vital structural reforms and help make them happen.

On the other hand, if there are no fundamental changes required but you want help choosing on a style; choosing paint, wallpaper, and picking window treatments; furnishings, and selecting accessories and lighting, an Interior Designers from Green Kalam Interiors will apparently do the trick. We know what works collectively and can remodel a room to suit the customers’ desires and needs, without doing any mechanical work. At the end making the correct arrangement for accomplishing your dream would be our aim.


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