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Commercial Interior design is the art of doing Interior work in  commercial buildings. Here Commercial Buildings are Retail Stores, Restaurants, Banks, School, Universities, Marriage Hall, Industries, Cinema Theatre and all Private and Public Buildings. Simply say that, all the buildings except Residential building. Green kalam interior is one of the Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai.


Interior designing in Commercial space is advisable. Do you know one truth? Interior design will helps to making more money in business. It’s totally change the customer mindset. Interior design and decoration in commercial building like retail shops will attract the customers and trigger to buy more products even they are not interested before entering into the retail shops. Commercial Interior Design in School and University makes good environment for the student and they think positively. Green Kalam interior has much more experience in commercial interior design and decoration in Chennai.

Green kalam interior is responsible for understanding client needs and working within a budget to achieve the goals. Commercial Interior design involves first meeting with client who is in charge of Construction or Renovation works and architects and do planning for usage of space at site. Secondly produce the Sketches or drawing for satisfies the client as well.    Also we give all ideas and suggestions for clients about space usage, furniture, Lightings, usage of material and products for the same.  And finally the clients give approval and will start the interior design immediately with Good Skilled &Technical subcontractors and labors. Green kalam interior provides best commercial interior design in Chennai.

Office interior Decoration is one of the best ways to attract more customers for your business. It creates good environment, confidence and positive vibration for customers and employees as well. Office Interior design and decoration covers Flooring, Electrical and Plumbing, Carpentry, False ceiling, A/c Installation, Painting, Network and CCTV, LED lightings, vertical blinds and all.

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