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How we Design for Commercial space

We are the leading solution provider of Office Interior Designers in Chennai.

Our service for Office covers Gypsum False ceiling, P.O.P false ceiling, Office Grid tile false ceiling, Suspended office false ceiling, Cabin and Partition making for office with best office false ceiling design ideas.

Get high customer lead conversion on any business by impressing clients.

Best working environment for workers.

Energy Efficiency, Good Acoustic and Fire Resistance

Install the false ceiling in Reception, Conference Room, Private Office, Cafeteria and open Office, Corridor area and all.


aving an esthetically amusing place for work can bring an enormous number of benefits. We are perceiving a rise at this interior design industry which is actually very much healthy and also will be very much competitive as that will boosts ourselves to showcase our Innovative, thoughtful and moreover many artful designs which will surely be very much helpful for many Office and that’s why we are one of the tops most leading Office Interior Designers in Chennai.

Our Mission is to relinquish remarkable designs and to deliver quick fix solutions according to our client recommendation. So at Green kalam Interiors we treat you Clients like our family and will undoubtedly inspire you with our creative design for your work space to look more appeal which makes you grow your Business more.

How we Design for Commercial space

It is conceivably the most challenging part for every office interior designers due to widespread divergence of personality types which always remain among many of the team members. So the designers should communicate with different individual personalities at the office and should design that office with the attention of satisfying every individual need. On top of this all there is another ultimate thing to be noted that is taking into account the members of office such as staffs, Co-coordinators and many more who are working at that same office.

Green Kalam Interior designers main motive is that they all should feel comfortable at their working place, for that our interior designing is also one of the major boosts up because the design we put with our whole heart should make them collaborate and work as a corporate culture and we hope we will surely bring that and we will not much surprise as we have our professionals to sketch our basic structure plan and ideas for every type of office and will work according to every individual aspect and collectively bring what they actually looking for and we will be surely part of your motivation and wellbeing of employees.  This is the most humongous difference between Green Kalam Interiors and the other Office Interior designers in Chennai.

Calming Colors VS Odd Colors

Everyone will surely think like what is this actually all about? Yes, this is also under our plan like when we do a lot of interior designs for many offices; those office personalities will actually have different mindset and according to them we will choose and take forward our project. So after some point we decided to choose our new strategy that is like.

There will be two mindsets of people that are one is like who doesn’t want to work under any sort of pressure and love to work in a space of calm and for those people we prefer the office management to prefer Calming Colors like Blue which will always keep them calm and workplace peaceful; and also other mindset people are who always thrive to work at fast pace work environments and these peoples are always motivated for them we prefer red.

This kind of uniqueness keeps us well ahead of every Office interior designers in Chennai and we will also be very much updated and always looking forward to many different sorts of office designs. We also provide the best Home Interior Designers in Chennai to make your home better and so we can prove our best. Green Kalam Interiors will work for your office and so you can work peacefully because will be surely attracted by our Interior Design.

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